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June 6
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last group for a while though much stuff aslkfjd 

RP: i only do DA messages or notes, sorry ! just send a note my way , etc if you would like to rp. but please be patient with me 


❥ Name:  Yoh Yukimura
❥ Age:  16
❥ Date of Birth:  July 29th
❥ Height:  5"11
❥ Weight:  120lbs
❥ Sexual Preference:  ????
❥ Eye power:   Drawing Eyes

❥ Personality:

Narcissistic || Friendly || Chatty || Superficial || Blithe || Distasteful || Determined || Greedy || Confident || Self-centered

Yoh's first and foremost priorities is his own well being. While the male can come off as a talkative individual that can easily engage in conversations with others, he does not appear to know the definition of teamwork and will easily leave others behind in the dust. It doesn't seem as if Yoh is interested or has the ability to form solid relationships with others besides using them for conversation or when he is bored. His way of approach can be confused as being friendly but please do not expect a friendship out of it, he doesn't seem to ever label someone more than an 'acquaintance'.  

He can be a  selfish, greedy individual whose nitpicky attitude towards his own self can sometimes deter others from approaching him. As superficial as the boy maybe however, due to his nature, he doesn't seem to exactly ever 'hate' another person or hold grudges. From time to time, he may get upset with another individual however he doesn't seem to care enough about the other person or believe there is even a relationship there to bother holding strong emotions towards them.  

The words that spew from his mouth are very often times, not the kindest. He is the type to easily insult or belittle his partner without seeing the wrong in doing so, even if the other were to insult him back too. While his compliments are very rare and his words never the best, Yoh still genuinely likes talking to people. He hates the silence including being ignored or alone from crowds for long periods of times and is prone to becoming violent. He still holds onto remnants of past fears he's had and its manifested in the way he now speaks based on how his brother used to talk to him.

❥ Biography:

As the youngest son born to a family of three, Yoh grew up believing that he would become more pampered than his oldest brother. The baby of the family, the youngest to be coddled, those assumptions blinded him into assuming his family would function just the same. But how very wrong he was, as he later finds out, that it seemed to be just the opposite. His older brother was the one held in the spotlight while he seemed to just fade into the shadows.

In his early years he could remember a handful of nannies constantly coming in and out of their large house. His parents schedules never seemed to have any rhyme or reason and if they did, their free times were spent with their eldest son in accompanying him to his many scholastic or athletic tournaments. His nannies, the closest that Yoh could call 'family', would comfort the young child and say that he is very loved because he is the youngest, he just has to wait until he grows bigger.

Years passed in the same manner, and by the time Yoh reached middle school, he was already dangerously close to the edge of lacking a proper emotional connection with his 'family'. Nothing seemed to make things better. His parents provided him with more than enough materialistic things with their well off jobs, but it only seemed to make it worse as he began to hoard as many items as he could in an effortto grab onto the only form of 'love' that they would show him. His brother didn't seem to make things better either as he wasn't too keen on letting his parent's attention stray to his youngest brother anytime soon and would hardly even give him a glance when they passed by eachother in the house. Somehow, although he refused to make eye contact, his older brother still found the time to insult his younger sibling when he could.

It was during a retreat to a holiday home in the mountains that Yoh found himself, surprisingly, on a steep trail alone with his oldest brother. His mother had been walking with them on the trail earlier but had rushed off after receiving a phone call from a client. He doesn't remember clearly how it started but things lead to another and both his brother and himself began unloading the anger that they had felt towards eachother aloud. The conversation quickly became heated and eventually his brother blatantly told him that he'll live like this for the rest of his life, alone and unloved by anyone. Yoh wasn't needed, he was just a mistake that could never take the place of their perfect firstborn son. His older brother laughed at his devastation as he spun absurd stories of his life's worth and his parent's inability to ever love a failure. Throughout the heated argument, his brother wouldn't even glance at him once as, he had always confessed, was because he couldn't bare to look at such a waste of his own flesh and blood.

Irritated and edged on by his brother's words, Yoh tackled him without thinking. Unfortunately, the area they were in wasn't the safest and they ended up tumbling down the slope to the rocks below. Yoh had enough time to bask in the victory of seeing his brother finally look at him, despite the look of pure horror that he held, as they fell together towards their death.

Yoh's wish wasn't a secret, he just wished to be noticed. His wish brought him back to live and granted him the power of Drawing Eyes. With them the boy will finally able to receive the attention that he had so desperately craved from both his parents. Unfortunately, because of his deepest wish finally coming true, the boy's personality began to take a turn for the worse as he became more selfish and greedy for more. His extreme jealousy towards his brother subsided easily once his power gained him the absolute attention of his parents.

His decision to join the Mekakushi Dan was fueled by his desire to seek out attention from more people besides his parents. It was by luck one of the members happened to find the boy as he was wandering around the area and invited him to come join.

❥ Likes/Dislikes:
+ Movies
+ Concerts
+ Reptiles
+ Hoarding items
+ Milk Coffee
- Quiet
- Cherries
- Cats allergic--
- Studying
- Timid / not confident people

❥ Misc:
- Has a snake inspired tattoo ( scales )
- Seems to always be wearing gloves. Something from the past where his brother and mentioned more than once about his 'filthy' hands that has stuck with him since then.
- Although it was an accident, Yoh doesn't regret his brother's death. His brother had been his tormentor since an early age.
- He has a tendency of not answering texts, messages or calls from others even if he happened to give his number to them.
- When using his power, they turn blue.
- Refuses to acknowledge that he 'had' a brother. Although he likes to think that he forgot about him, his past still affects him. 

❥ Relationships: TBA
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