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AKIGUMO HIGH - Naoki Saito by ciepheus AKIGUMO HIGH - Naoki Saito by ciepheus


:new: ack sorry i uh;; noticed that it wasn't in the group anymore ( might've been my fault by accident sorry ;; ) 

:new: aldfkjasdf thank you for accepting ! ヾ(●´∀`●)

applying ! supernatural //////
since there seems to be less 3rd years, trying a senpai character hehe !! (✿˃ᆺ˂)
drawing hands is my weakness ;; please be distracted by the stars instead so you don't look at them for too long--


Name: Saito, Naoki
DOB: December 25th
Age: 17
Height: 5"10
Weight: 130
Year: 3rd
Club: Cooking
** Originally he wanted to go straight home to his siblings but his uncle and aunt pressured him into joining a school activity.


Independent || Judgmental || Responsible || Curious || Prideful || Protective || Frugal

Naoki values his independence and loathes becoming too dependent on another person, including his friends. Emotionally this means he can be withdrawn for situations rather than be upfront about his feelings. His independence does not stop him from talking or chatting with his classmates. It is just harder for him to learn to count or rely on them, especially when it comes to team work. At first meeting, he can come off as rather formal since good manners was something instilled in him by his aunt and uncle. He hardly has the opportunity to swear when around young children most of his free time. 

Not only can he be hard on himself, he can pass on that judgmental look onto others as a defense mechanism. He easily makes assumptions, most of them being incorrect of course, but he doesn't seem to care. It makes him stubborn as he refuses to admit to mistakenly judging someone too but secretly he'll begin to warm up to those who prove him wrong. Otherwise  he judges others and put them into his own categories by first impression. Although he makes these assumptions, he doesn't blurt them allowed and tends to keep them to himself. 

To an extent he believes that the students should fend for themselves, he is not the type to easily offer help to others. But if caught in a dangerous situation that needs quick action, he would be willing to lend a hand. If given help from others, only expect to be given a monotone thanks or be given a 'favor' later. He hates owing others. His friends however, seems to be a soft spot for him and he can sometimes find himself even reluctantly attempting to protect those who remind him of his younger siblings. ( aka defenseless or childishly weak people )

He is not open about his curiosity for all things supernatural and tries hard to suppress that 'uncool' side of himself. It is a constant battle between his curiosity to ask questions and his self imposing ideals to not have to stoop so low as to beg for information. Most times, his pride is trampled over if the need to know is too overwhelming to ignore. 

+ Ghost Stories
+ Children
+ Home cooked food
+ Strawberry Cake
+ Strawberry Soda

- Being involved in drama
- Wasting food
- Nattō
Karaoke he sucks horribly...;;
- Bullies


Naoki learned to become self-reliant at an early age, thanks to the absence of his overprotective parents in his life. Soon after his third sibling celebrated his first birthday, his parents passed away in an unexpected car accident on the way home from a shopping trip. A car had pulled up into their blind spot, and without realizing it, his father had made a turn and crashed straight into them. His parents had been in a rush to return home and had carelessly left their seatbelts off since the house was but a few minutes away. They had done it several times before and had figured that the chances of getting into an accident were very slim.

Parentless at a young age, Naoki, as the oldest sibling, wordlessly took charge of the well being for his younger brother and sister. His aunt and uncle, who had one young daughter of their own, accepted the task of taking the young children in and welcomed them into their humble home in Miyazaki Prefecture. However in  order to be able to feed the extra mouths, they were forced to work even longer hours and take up even a few extra side jobs here and there to make the bills each month. This left ?? in charge as a makeshift babysitter sometimes for the younger children in order to save money where they could.

By the time he started his first year in high school, Naoki had fallen into the routine of waking up, eating breakfast with his family and helping to take care of making lunches for his siblings and retrieving them after school. His younger cousin was about the same age as his sister, and their resemblance so close that he began to think of her as just another sibling rather than a cousin. His aunt and uncle were thankful for his early maturity into taking up some of the responsibilities around the house, but at times still felt guilty he had to let go of childhood too fast. Naoki, of course, didn't mind so much taking care of the others and himself. It gave him a new sense of independence and pride to not have to always count on someone else to take care of him. It also led to him developing a slight sibling complex from the amount of dependency they placed on him.

Currently Naoki is just trying to make it through his last year of high school in one piece.

Additional Info:
- He has three younger siblings ( including his cousin ). One is currently starting middle school while the others are still in elementary.
- Spoils his siblings endlessly. His phone is filled with candid photos of them.
- Likes to be smart about spending, he hardly goes on splurges for himself.
- Sometimes his clothes is covered in glitter or stickers, the downside of having two very energetic young sisters.
- If using pre-fixes onto names, he refers to most at first by last name + san and to closer friends -kun. He rarely uses -chan except when referring to his siblings. 

RP Method : just send me a note/message asking to RP
- DA notes, messages, chat !
- okay with lit, script, crack or just head canoning ! ( aka just talking about the char interaction )

** be warned, I can be slow ;;

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